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Badminton strings available

I hold a wide range of badminton strings in stock to suit a variety of players, styles of play, budgets and other requirements......however, if you have a specific preference of string already and I do not currently hold it in stock I can quickly order it in and have some ready for you the next time.

In order to string your racquet with the best strings for your game and requirements we can talk about what you are after from your strings, whether it be a top level performance string designed for power or control, a string offering maximum durability or strings depending on your budget or style of play.

I am able to recommend the best strings and tension suited to your game based on the information you give me.

Below are some of the strings available and in stock for you. Prices include cost of the strings and stringing service:

I am able to recommend the best strings and tension suited to your game based on the information you give me.

Below are some of the strings available and in stock for you. Prices include cost of the strings and stringing service:




Ashaway Micro-Legend XL 0.73mm - £20.00

[Colour: White with Blue/Red]

A string for advanced players looking for a superior combination of resiliency and durability it can be used by players choosing higher tensions who require enhanced durability which is provided by the microfilament core.



Ashaway Rally 21 0.75mm - £20.00

[Colour: Natural]

Multifilament construction for reliable performance with increased durability and strength. For all players looking for a balanced combination of playability and durability.



Ashaway ZyMax 65 0.65mm - £22.00

[Colour: Black]

Offers optimum repulsion which generates maximum shuttle speed with a braided surface for superior control. Designed for minimal tension loss and consistent performance for top level players.



Ashaway ZyMax 67 0.67mm - £22.00

[Colour: White]

Excellent combination of repulsion and durability, minimal tension loss throughout string life. Suitable for both professional and amateur players.



Ashaway ZyMax 70 0.70mm - £22.00

[Colour: White]

For professional, amateur and recreational players seeking minimal tension loss and consistent performance. This string has a braided surface for superior control.



Carlton Durapulse 74 0.74mm - £20.00

[Colour: Fluo Yellow]

A great value string combining the ultimate durability with good performance for the amateur player.


Li-Ning NS30 0.70mm - £22.00

[Colour: White]

Li-Ning is a growing string supplier to the UK and also supplies the China National Badminton Team. NS30 provides excellent durability alongside good flexibility to enhance offensive performance.


Li-Ning NS95 0.70mm - £22.00

[Colour: White]

NS95 features a multifilament core with nylon monofilaments in the outer layers. It has a special nano coating and nylon fibre which aids durability and provides excellent repulsion power and control. Used by some of the top players in the China National Badminton Team.


RAB Flexifusion 0.72mm - £20.00

[Colour: White]

A premium multifilament braided string offering precision, power and touch. The special Flexifusion bonding process uniquely captures the benefits of a multifilament core and braided jacket construction, resulting in a highly precise and resilient string formula. The thin thermo resin coating enhances the durability whilst still allowing the contours of the braided jacket to give excellent touch and grip.



RAB Tour Pro 0.72mm - £20.00

[Colour: Yellow]

A professional hard feel braided multifilament offering maximum repulsion for attacking players. The string construction offers excellent performance whilst the 0.72 gauge gives good durability.



Victor VS-850 Nano 0.68mm - £22.00

[Colour: Yellow]

This is a medium feeling multifilament string construction giving excellent control. It provides super toughness, durability and will satisfy the offensive player's needs. This string is being used by many of the top Korean players.


Yonex BG3 0.74mm - £20.00

[Colour: White]

This is a soft feeling string which is excellent for durability at a 0.74mm gauge with a solid playing feel.



Yonex BG55 0.73mm - £20.00

[Colour: White]

This medium feeling string with superior efficiency will last longer and is more durable with a less elastic High Polymer Nylon string gauge of 0.73mm.



Yonex BG65 Titanium 0.70mm - £22.00

[Colour: White]

A compound titanium hydride coating provides sharp and comfortable feel at impact. Designed for hard hitters, offering great durability.



Yonex BG80 Power 0.68mm - £24.00

[Colour: White, Yellow or Orange]

The combination of Yonex original high-intensity nylon multifilament and high-modulus Vectran provides a solid feeling and powerful smash. Excellent repulsion power with hard feel.



Yonex Nanogy 99 0.69mm - £24.00

[Colour: White]

Rough braided fibre and a special nylon coating provide maximum bite on the shuttle for enhanced hairpin net shots and cuts. Designed for control players with a technical style.

Let me know if your personal string choice isn't here and I can quickly order it in!

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