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Tennis strings available


I hold a wide range of tennis strings in stock to suit a variety of players, styles of play, budgets and other requirements......however, if you have a specific preference of string already and I do not currently hold it in stock I can quickly order it in and have some ready for you the next time.

In order to string your racquet with the best strings for your game and requirements we can talk about what you are after from your strings: whether it be a top level performance string, a string offering maximum durability, strings suiting players with injuries such as tennis elbow, strings depending on your budget or style of play: For example: in tennis if you play with a lot of spin from the baseline you will need a totally different string compound and tension to that required if you are primarily a serve and volley player.

I am able to recommend the best strings and tension suited to your game based on the information you give me.

Below are some of the strings available and in stock for you, alternatively I can mix string types up to create suitable Hybrid string mixes for you. Prices include cost of the strings and stringing service:



Ashaway MonoGut ZX 1.27mm - £25.00

[Colour: Brown]

For players looking for gut-like playability and maximum durability in a solid monofilament string. The exceptional dynamic stiffness of Zyex provides playability similar to natural gut. A 1.27mm solid monofilament construction maximises abrasion resistance and enhances string life while the absence of polyester increases elongation and reduces stiffness.



Babolat RPM Blast 1.25mm - £25.00

[Colour: Black]

For players looking for durability and control. The slick surface of RPM Blast allows the main strings to slide out of alignment, grab the ball and then snap back to add spin to the shot. RPM Blast offers a slightly softer feel than traditional polyesters. It is an ideal choice for big hitters with heavier racquets seeking maximum control, durability, and spin.



Babolat Pro Hurricane Tour 1.25mm - £24.00

[Colour: Yellow]

A co-polymer monofilament, it's innovative octagonal structure delivers maximum spin. This string gives excellent power and tension maintenance. It is an ideal string for chronic string breakers looking for top level performance.



Bow Brand 'Bowstar' 1.25mm - £20.00

[Colour: Silver]

A great polyester monofilament string for hard court durability but suitable for demanding players on all surfaces. The slightly narrower gauge Bowstar string option for greater feel.



Bow Brand 'Bowstar' 1.30mm - £20.00

[Colour: Silver]

A great polyester monofilament string for hard court durability but suitable for demanding players on all surfaces. The slightly wider gauge Bowstar string option for increased durability.



Dunlop Black Widow 1.26mm - £22.00

[Colour: Black]

A premium polyester string delivering spin and durability. It is a high tensile monofilament with a heptagonal outer profile. This is Dunlop's top monofilament offering and at a good value price.



Head Hawk 1.25mm - £27.00

[Colour: Silver]

Developed with Head's top pro players, thanks to innovative Head Crystal Core technology it combines extraordinary energy efficiency for explosive power with optimised control and touch in every shot. It is made with Head's unique multi stage heat process for maximum power.



Head Sonic Pro 1.25mm - £22.00

[Colour: White or Black]

Uniquely refined co-polymer polyester string with a soft molecular construction offering maximum control with more touch.


Head Sonic Pro Edge 1.30mm - £22.00

[Colour: Anthracite]

A unique co-polymer with soft molecular construction offering maximum control, more touch and excellent durability. A magnified contact area grabs the ball for maximised spin.



Luxilon Big Banger Original 1.30mm - £28.00

[Colour: Brown]

The most sturdy of all strings...The string for string killers! The original poly-ether and Luxilon's most successful string. Luxilon Original provides extreme resilience & durability with excellent power and control.



Luxilon Big Banger Alu Power Rough 1.25mm - £32.00

[Colour: Silver]

A textured monofilament string providing a combination of power and control unequalled by any other synthetic string. The rough texture gives extra bite on the ball for maximum spin. Luxilon Big Banger strings are the most used on the professional tour.



Luxilon Adrenaline 1.25mm - £24.00

[Colour: Silver]

Adrenaline is a string for players who are looking for tour quality performance (like a Big Banger Alu Power) but at a budget friendly price. Constructed with Liquid Crystalline Polymer which is the newest poly offering from Luxilon. Abundant power and precision for aggressive baseline players. Slightly softer and more comfortable than the Alu Power strings but retaining tour quality performance and outrageous game enhancement. The 125 gauge gives balanced playability and durability.



Luxilon Savage Black 1.27mm - £26.00

[Colour: Black]

A high powered string for aggressive, hard hitting players. Features six-sided hexagon shape for 'savage' amounts of spin while the string technology provides added performance & comfort. Luxilon proprietary Liquid Crystalline Polymer material creates a softer feel & a larger sweetspot for more effortless play.



Luxilon 4G 1.25mm - £32.00

[Colour: Yellow]

Maximum tension maintenance for long lasting high level play. Luxilon's legendary power and spin for aggressive players. Tour inspired feel plus added comfort. This string has all the benefits of the sensational Alu Power strings but with added performance durability.



Prince Beast XP 1.25mm - £24.00

[Colour: Green]

The world's first thermo-poly string! The thermo process precisely tunes the string to optimise dynamic response and improve ball control. Beast XP rebounds at a lower angle than other polys allowing a faster swing which produces more power and controlling spin. A softer more comfortable poly with remarkable feel and outstanding all-round performance with consistent tension maintenance. This is the string of choice for the Bryan brothers!



Prince Poly EXP /Warrior 1.25mm - £24.00

[Colour: Green/Black]

A crisp feeling co-extruded polyester string with plenty of power and durability. High density clear outer polyester provides a harder surface for durability and spin. Nine streams of medium density polyester provide a softer inner core for 50% shock reduction and more power.



Prince Poly Spin 3D 1.27mm - £22.00

[Colour: Black]

The unique co-extruded 3D edges add a new dimension to your game by gripping the ball for outstanding spin and control. 16L gauge medium density polyester core for added comfort and control. Creates over 50% less shock.



Prince Twisted 1.27mm - £22.00

[Colour: Red & Black or Yellow & Black]

This unique multi-coloured poly provides a softer feel and a cool look! Excellent durability with great spin. Each side of the string is coloured differently, so when strung it naturally rotates to provide a 'twisted' appearance.



Tecnifibre Pro Red Code Code 1.25mm - £24.00

[Colour: Red]

This string offers extra durability, power and great tension maintenance! The co-polyester core and polyester coating gives the ultimate in durability while the outer chemical resin enhancement improves feel while offering great spin potential.



Tecnifibre Black Code 1.24mm - £25.00

[Colour: Black]

A fantastic string for spin and power. Giving high flexibility for a polyester string and great softness (the PU multifilaments offer 22% less arm fatigue than standard polyester strings). The pentagonal shape increases spin.



Tyger PolyTwister 1.25mm - £20.00

[Colour: Silver]

A great combination of spin, power and a unique feel during impact. A string for the tennis player who likes a good 'bite' on the ball. The special silicone coating gives a softer feeling.



Tyger RoughPoly 1.25mm - £20.00

[Colour: Black]

Offering amazing durability and power, the special silicone coating and structure creates great spin potential. A string for the player who likes to take full cuts at the ball!



Tyger Rebound 1.25mm - £20.00

[Colour: Orange]

The exceptional durability and enormous power will be welcomed by players who prefer an aggressive game. This string does not move during play, has less tension loss and provides better control.



Volkl Cyclone 1.25mm - £25.00

[Colour: Black]

This unique gear shaped string from Volkl will enhance spin without compromising ball speed, control and durability only found in the very highest quality co-polymer strings.




Babolat SG SpiralTek 1.30mm - £22.00

[Colour: Black or White]

Offering comfort and durability this string is a Polyamide single wrap produced with SpiralTek technology. This gives great all around playability with a good balance between power and control.



Babolat Synthetic Gut 1.30mm - £22.00

[Colour: White]

A solid all around synthetic gut string offering a surprising range of playability for a solid core nylon string. This is a great option for players wanting a decent all around performance without breaking the bank. It's also a very economical way of softening up a poly hybrid.



Head Synthetic Gut PPS 'Power' 1.34mm - £22.00

[Colour: Black or Gold]

With PowerStrip technology and a special pearl polyamide coating, this string gives ultimate power with more touch.



Prince Synthetic Gut Duraflex 1.30mm - £22.00

[Colour: White]

The classic synthetic gut string! Offering great all around durability and performance at a great value price, this is the world's most popular string!



Tecnifibre Synthetic Gut 1.30mm - £22.00

[Colour: Black]

With great all round playability and performance, the central monofibre and polyamid coating work to increase durability.




Bow Brand Synthetic Gut XT 1.33mm - £22.00

[Colour: White]

A great string for versatility and control, suitable for all player types and surfaces. Multifilament fibres sandwiched between a high tenacity monofilament polyamide core and strong monofilament wraps.



Prince Lightning XX Spin 1.30mm - £24.00

[Colour: Silver & Black]

The spring-loaded polyester 'powerfoil' releases explosive energy on impact for greater power while providing a broadband wear barrier for increased durability. Tornado shaped outerwraps provide topspin needed for players on the attack!



Prince Topspin with Duraflex 1.38mm - £22.00

[Colour: White]

The world's most popular synthetic gut with a textured wrap for extra spin! Duraflex is a heat resistant fibre that provides a wear barrier for 50% improved duraability and unmatched all around performance. The centre core offers strength and tension retention while the textured outerwrap gives extra spin.



Tyger Tournament 'Control' 1.35mm - £20.00

[Colour: Natural]

Basic nylon string, the gauge 1.35mm makes this string stiffer which results in a longer lasting resistance. A great string for players looking for an affordable string. Very well priced for the quality offered.



Tyger Reflex 1.32mm - £20.00

[Colour: White]

A quality nylon string which is especially designed for comfort and tension maintenance with added ball speed.



Tyger Pro Zeo 1.29mm - £20.00

[Colour: White]

For players looking for a very sensitive string. The S.A.R. coating guarantees less abrasion and longer life. Also very effective as a cross string in a hybrid combination with polyester or kevlar.



Wilson Synthetic Gut Extreme 1.30mm - £24.00

[Colour: Natural]

A great balance of playability and durability. Wilson's most popular tennis string, it is one of the best value and best playing synthetic guts available. This string has a co-polymer composite with a unique elongation setting process for added durability, it is a traditional string with extreme feel.




Dunlop DNA 16 1.30mm - £24.00

[Colour: Grey]

A multifilament constructed tennis string which offers players durability and power with the use of a multifilament central core and PBT fibre coil. It still manages to retain feel and comfort.







Babolat Addixion 1.30mm - £24.00

[Colour: Natural]

For players looking for power and comfort. The multifilament construction, uses a mixture of polyamide fibers and polyurethane providing a soft feel plus power, control and comfort. Durability is enhanced with Polytetrafluorethylene (PTFE), a low friction material included to reduce string notching and premature breakage.



Babolat XCEL 1.30mm - £27.00

[Colour: Black or Natural]

This string provides excellent feel and improved durability. For players playing with oversized and medium-sized racquets looking for both comfort, ease of play and performance. A patented blended polyurethane multifilament, the sensation is the closest to gut in terms of comfort.



Tecnifibre X-One Biphase 1.30mm - £34.00

[Colour: Natural or Red]

Maximum power, feel and comfort. 20% increased durability, with impressive tension maintenance. One of the best synthetic strings on the market.



Tecnifibre NRG2 1.32mm - £32.00

[Colour: Natural]

Maximum elasticity for high power, with great dissipation of vibrations for comfort. Has an anti-abrasion coating for durability. Amazing feel and performance.



Tyger Pro Syngut 1.35mm - £22.00

[Colour: Yellow]

Provides the fine playing qualities of natural gut and the durability and affordability of synthetic gut. A smooth coating prevents friction which increases durability and guarantees weatherproof play.



Wilson NXT 16 1.30mm - £27.00

[Colour: Natural]

An all-round performing string with gut-like playability, NXT offers the feel and appearance of natural gut. The patented X-bonded technology multifilament string enhances playability and durability with impressive tension maintenance.


Wilson NXT Duramax 1.32mm - £28.00

[Colour: Natural]

This is an extremely comfortable multifilament string with PU impregnated polyamide fibers protected by abrasion shields for maximum durability.



Wilson Sensation 16 1.30mm - £25.00

[Colour: Natural]

A top multifilament for feel and comfort. Made with the revolutionary dual-wrap multifilament Xycro Micro Fibres, Sensation offers a similar feel and appearance to natural gut. Supreme sensitivity comes from Wilson's Dynelastic technology, an exclusive wet wrap technique that twists and wraps the fibres at the same time. Pre-stretched for tension retention, Sensation's dynamic elasticity 'holds' the ball longer.




Luxilon M2 Pro 125 1.25mm - £28.00

[Colour: White]

Variable flex string for the ultimate comfort on all shots. All the advantage of a multifilament and a monofilament in one string. The first string with variable flex - more control on hard shots, more comfort on soft shots. Choose M2 Pro for added playability.



Tecnifibre X.Code 1.30mm - £30.00

[Colour: Black]

A combined monofilament/multifilament construction gives the feel of a polyester string but softer. With anti-abrasion coating for increased durability, it's limited elasticity gives a firm feel and great control.



Tecnifibre HDX Tour 1.30mm - £28.00

[Colour: Natural]

The best strings for racquets that weigh less than 300g. The last decade has seen a tremendous increase in players' physical and technical abilities, making it essential to be able to control the power and give more spin. Get more flexibility with the new polyurethane strings which give more power and less muscular fatigue at the same time!







Ashaway Crossfire II 1.30mm - £22.00

[Colour: Natural]

For players looking to maximise string durability and toughness in a Crossfire hybrid combination. Aramid main strings produce tough, powerful playability with maximum string life, synthetic gut cross strings provide superior resilience and ball control. This hybrid combination gives maximum durability and resistance to notching with a powerful string bed.



Head Intellistring 'Power' 1.23/1.28mm - £24.00

[Colour: White & Black or Yellow & Black]

A hybrid string combination for high level performance. RIP Power main strings with RIP Feel cross strings offer the ultimate in power and performance.



Wilson NXT DUO II 1.25/1.30mm - £28.00

[Colour: Silver & Natural]

A brand new combination from Wilson, perfect for the British weather....a very good alternative to Wilson Champions Choice. The NXT DUO II is an upgraded version of Wilson's popular high performance hybrid, featuring Wilson NXT 1.30mm with improved performance polymer for power and feel alongside Luxilon Adrenaline 1.25mm for controlled power, spin and durability.




Bow Brand Championship 1.30-1.35mm - £40.00

[Colour: Natural]

The ultimate in performance, sensitivity and style for professional and club players. Total playability.

Let me know if your personal string choice isn't here and I can quickly order it in!

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